I Speak In Magical Metaphor


I speak in magical metaphor, and sense

comes seeking me

I fix my eye on Spirit, and the words

flow naturally.

I clothe myself in rags, and all riches

envy me

I cry with those in pain, and wonders

visit me

should I take to the broader way

and douse the flames that light me up?

should I lull the storms inside

and take to drinking from an empty cup?

though blackness blot the lifelong sun

I’ll sing of sun through the night

if hope seem dead I’ll burn the dark

and wish your heart into the light

I speak and breathe of flowers, and lions

listen to me

I lead the forests to water, and rivers

follow me

I fix my heart on giving and what is mine

comes back to me

I turn my Soul to living and the sublime

unfolds in me